Hawai’i COVID-19 Daily News Digest April 3, 2020

Office of the Governor:

Governor Ige’s Messages

Today, our community received more tragic news of the passing of a third Hawai‘i resident from the COVID-19 virus. I want to extend my condolences to the family and friends of this individual.  Together, with all of Hawai‘i we share their loss and express our deepest sympathy and support.

This is the second Friday of my statewide state-at-home mandate. I know this is not getting easier. As I have said before, unfortunately, it is going to get worse before it gets better. With the number of positive COVID-19 cases in Hawai‘i increasing every day and the heartbreaking loss of three of our fellow residents, we all need to remain vigilant and do our part in stopping the spread of this virus and flatten the curve in our state.

Options to Prevent Overcrowding of Prisons

Governor Ige has asked the President to allow Hawai‘i to temporarily transfer state inmates to the Federal Detention Center in Honolulu. The state has a long-standing contract to temporarily house inmates at the federal facility, but currently it is not accepting inmate transfers, even though it is not at full capacity.


Department of Health:

Third COVID-19 Death Travel-Related

The third death from COVID-19 was as an elderly adult O‘ahu resident who had been hospitalized in critical condition on life support for several weeks after traveling to Washington state. DOH reports 34 new COVID-19 cases today — all are adults. The majority of cases are residents and two (2) are visitors. The number of Maui County cases includes the first positive case on Molokai. This case may be travel-related and the individual has been transported to Oʻahu for care. There are now a total of 319 presumptive or confirmed cases in the state.



Total Number of Individuals Tested by Clinical and State Laboratories Positive Negative
12,283 317 11,959

Seven (7) test results were inconclusive



County of Diagnosis New Cases Reported since


(including new cases)

Total Released from Isolation
Honolulu 31 237 49
Hawai‘i 2 20 6
Maui* 9 36 11
Kaua‘i 1 13 3
Residents Diagnosed outside HI 0 2  
Pending investigation** -9 11  
Total 34 319 69
Deaths 1 3  


*Includes the first positive case on Molokai.

*“Pending investigation” refers to positive cases that have an unknown county of diagnosis at the time of this report. As more information becomes available for these cases, they are assigned to the proper County of Diagnosis. A negative number indicates the number of previously unknown cases that have now been assigned to a county.


Additional Guidance on Masks

Based on recent guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and recommendations from county mayors and the Senate Special Committee on COVID-19, Gov. Ige and the Hawai‘i Dept. of Health and the Hawai‘i Emergency Management Agency are formulating a statewide policy on the use of facemasks. Although there is no current data to demonstrate that homemade, cloth masks are effective for individual protection, it is prudent to urge everyone that wearing a fabric mask can help prevent the spread of infection to others, when the mask is worn by someone who already is infected with the virus that causes COVID-19.

Dr. Bruce Anderson, Director of the Dept. of Health said, “Many of us may be walking around unaware that we may be carrying coronavirus and when we cough, sneeze, and to a lesser degree, even speak, cloth masks may block infectious droplets from spreading. Protection is maximized when facemasks are used consistently and properly to avoid contaminating the hands or face of someone wearing one.” Anderson added that fabric masks should be replaced when they become moist and washed after each use.



Hawai‘i Tourism Authority:

Hotels for Heroes

Hawai‘i’s health care workers and first responders have been working tirelessly on the front lines to help people throughout the state during this COVID-19 pandemic, and may need to temporarily separate from their families to keep safe and rest. The Hawai‘i Tourism Authority (HTA), the Hawai‘i Visitors and Convention Bureau (HVCB), and the Hawai‘i Lodging and Tourism Association (HLTA) have developed the Hotels for Heroes program that will provide complimentary rooms for health care workers and first responders during this crisis. State tourism dollars will be used to offset the hotel room costs.


Airline Arrivals Continue to Drop

On Thursday 543 people arrived at state airports and of that number only 89 were visitors. Most of the passengers were returning residents. The state’s 14-day, mandatory self-quarantine order is for all out-of-state arrivals and interisland travelers, unless exempted. The table does not include interisland travelers at this time.


Kona Maui O‘ahu Līhu‘e


Crew 8 19 134 3 164
Intended Resident 2 39 41
Resident 20 9 190 2 221
Transit 4 24 28
Visitor 2 1 85 1 89
Grand Total 32 33 472 6 543
Flights 2 4 13 1 20



Department of Defense:

National Guard Standing up This Weekend

The Hawai‘i National Guard will soon begin assisting the Dept. of Transportation at airports across the state to conduct passenger medical screening and to help with administrative paperwork. The guard is made-up of soldiers and airmen who are all members of the community. This means, they understand first-hand the direct impacts of this pandemic and now can provide specific capabilities to help reduce some of these impacts. There are currently 130 active guardsmen. An additional 162 are being called up for active duty, bringing the total to 292.


Hawai‘i State House of Representatives:

State Capitol to Remained Closed Through April 30

In an effort to maintain consistency with the governor’s stay-at-home work orders, House Speaker Scott K. Saiki announced that the Hawai‘i State Capitol will remain closed, except for those performing necessary functions. Representatives will determine their own office hours and staffing needs based on their respective circumstances, with staff who remain at home, working from home.



Hawai‘i State Senate:

Senate Special Committee on COVID-19 Meets

The six State Senators of the Special Committee on COVID-19 continued meeting today to assess and advise the Senate regarding plans and procedures for state departments. The committee heard from Governor Ige’s Chief of Staff, the Dept. of Human Resources and Development, the Dept. of Agriculture and the Dept. of Education.

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PDF: COVID-19 Daily News Digest April 3, 2020

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