Governor’s Office:

Hawai‘i Honored to be Considered by Japan in List of Global Destinations to Resume Safe International Travel

Governor David Ige and House Speaker Scott Saiki today expressed their gratitude to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Foreign Minister Toshimitsu Motegi for Hawai‘i being mentioned along with an exclusive list of 12 countries and regions that are being considered to resume safe international travel with Japan.

Prime Minister Abe and Foreign Minister Motegi announced that international travel between Japan and the 12 destinations is being considered in the near future with Europe and Hawai‘i to follow in the next step.

Hawai‘i is the only destination in the United States mentioned for consideration for Japan’s resumption of international travel. Other destinations that Japan is considering discussions with include Brunei, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, Macao, Laos, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, the Republic of Korea (ROK), Singapore and Taiwan.

Governor Ige stated, “On behalf of the State of Hawai‘i, we are honored that Prime Minister Abe and Japan’s policy makers are considering Hawai‘i for resuming safe and responsible international travel. Japan and Hawai‘i enjoy longstanding cultural ties and a deep-rooted friendship that has enriched the lives of many generations. It’s important that we restore travel between Japan and Hawai‘i and we see this program as a way to make this possible, while also preventing the further spread of infections from COVID-19.”

Governor Ige noted that details for the Japan-Hawai‘i safe travel program are still being resolved and no timetable has been set for when it would take effect. The governor stressed that public health will be the overriding factor in determining how the program is carried out to support the state’s economic recovery and the tens of thousands of residents who depend on the travel industry for their livelihoods. Read more here:


Department of Health:

28 New Cases of Coronavirus Reported

The number of new COVID-19 cases reported, dropped today, after four days of high case counts, including three consecutive record days. This is likely due to a decrease in laboratory reporting because private laboratories did not conduct late work shifts and the DOH State Laboratories Division was closed on Sunday because of the hurricane threat. All 28 new cases were diagnosed on O‘ahu.

Hawai‘i COVID-19 Counts as of 12:00 noon, July 27, 2020

Island of Diagnosis New Cases Reported since


(including new cases)

Total in hospitals
O‘ahu 28 1373 36
Hawai‘i 0 117 3
Maui 0 151
Kaua‘i 0 45
Moloka‘i 0 2
Lana‘i 0 0
Residents Diagnosed outside HI 0 23  
Total Cases 28 1711  
Total hospitalized    39 
Deaths 0 26   

 Laboratory* Testing Data

Total Number of Individuals Tested by Clinical and State Laboratories Positive Negative
116,387** 1,709 114,664

*Electronic Laboratory Reporting  **14 test results were inconclusive

COVID-19 Epidemic Curve of Cases July 27, 2020

For more tables, charts and visualizations visit the DOH Disease Outbreak Control Division:


Health Investigators Search for Bar Patrons for Contact Tracing

DOH is advising anyone who may have patronized two Honolulu bars to step forward and contact their physicians for follow-up.

The two bars involved are Brix & Bones located at 1217 Hopaka St. and Arena 808 located at 1020 Ke‘eaumoku St., and the time-period of visits is between July 16-26. So far five (5) cases of COVID-19 are associated with exposure to the virus at these establishments. In addition, as many as seven (7) positive cases are potentially associated with these clusters.

State Epidemiologist Dr. Sarah Park said, “Given the conditions associated with this cluster, we’re concerned there may be more persons exposed than are or can be identified through our investigations. In the interest of public health we’re asking anyone who was in either of these bars during the 10-day period to consult their healthcare provider to consider being tested for COVID-19.” Park added that concerning findings discerned by investigators include inconsistent wearing of masks, physical distancing, and other operations, not consistent with current county rules.


Hawai‘i Tourism Authority

Passenger arrival numbers for the weekend are unavailable at this time due to the hurricane.

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PDF: COVID-19 Daily News Digest July 27 2020